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“There is a Fisch counterfeit detector available for silver dollars. Now it is true that a scale and caliper will perform a similar function, but particularly if you have a bunch you want to test, it's handy and slips into a shirt pocket.

They ain't cheap, but there's also something to be said for peace of mind. It's a simple device actually - and utilizes the known properties of a genuine 90 per cent silver dollar in terms of weight and size. If the counterfeiters were to fake a numismatic rarity using the proper alloy then other techniques would have to be used to judge authenticity. But if your interest is mainly common date dollars then the Fisch device is worth your consideration for sure. I have no connection with the firm other than as a satisfied customer.”

Re: Spotting Fake Gold Coins

Simplest and best tool is the Fisch

Re: Spotting Fake Gold Coins

Nice to have the best....

$500 delivered for the set is NOT cheap however unless you get a BAD one then you could have bought one for yourself and three for US too!

“For gold coins: Money well-spent, but not cheap. I bought a tester for everything and the entire package already paid for itself twice at the Long Beach coin show when i discovered a fake.

I don't think I have ever promoted a product on this blog (bullion coins yes, products no) - but I am about to change that!

As we all know, one of the biggest problems that people face when they decide to buy a gold bullion coin is the risk of buying a fake.

Well I've come across this;

It can spot fakes!
It enables you to perform 4 tests which determine if a gold bullion coin is genuine or not. It is simple to use, and definitely one of the most useful accessories I have ever come across.

I am NOT getting paid to promote this (there is no affiliate link). If you are serious about buying gold coins- this tool is a MUST. Happy & Safe gold coin buying”

“This from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous:

... the Fisch system ( to detect bogus gold and silver coins is well worth considering. I've used the Fisch system for over 25-years now and I can attest to the impeccable reliability these instruments offer.

I've had only two occasions where Mexican 50-peso gold pieces were detected, failing the "weight" check when subjected to the Fisch system. The coins were drilled and filled with lead. The edges of the coins were re-plated with gold and almost non-detectable to the untrained eye.

These Fisch instruments have saved me much angst and aggravation over the many, many years I've used them. ”

“While the other avenues such as pawnshops, auction websites, etc. allow cheaper gold purchases (because you are purchasing from existing gold owners), it is important to be sure that the gold that you are purchasing, is authentic. One way to ensure that your gold is authentic, would be to buy a fisch instrument. ”

“...a quick and easy test for your gold coins? I am amazed there arent more "gold bugs" and advocates mentioning this tool more...

May I recommend for all coin buyers the fisch instrument ( It’s a full proof mechanism to check the authenticity of the coin(s) in question. I just received my order from kitco today and ran them through the Fisch. I feel much better knowing I own actual bullion. I searched long and hard to find a “fake gold coin detector” on the internet and I can attest to its accuracy. ”

“An easier and more practical way to test the density of a coin is to use a tool called a Fisch, a plastic tool that first checks the physical diameter and thickness and finally serves as a simple tip balance to test the weight... This tool is highly recommended by gold dealers and bankers... ”

“I like my collection of Fisch fake gold coin detectors. Makes everything quite simple. One can test all denoms of AGE's, Krug's, IOF Angels, Brittania's, Sov's, Maples, Platinum Nobles, Mexican Peso's all denoms. No counterfeit worries when you have a Fisch instrument. It's quick & no nasty chemicals needed. I like! ”

“Get yourself a Fisch, much easier and portable than a scale and set of calipers when out shopping. ”

“My amazing deal on Maples
I just picked up 10 Canadian Maples for $880 each. All were in fine condition, and passed authentication thru the Fisch and under a loupe. Person selling had inherited them, and needed some cash to pay a debt, but didn't want to sell stocks to raise the money.

I was a bit leery of the deal at first; he wanted me to come to him, in a relatively industrial part of Brooklyn, to meet at his office. He sounded fine over the phone, but my antenna were definitely up. Still, at $880 oz. for Maples, I figured I'd take a chance.

I went to the bank and withdrew the cash. Then I left a note for my wife, telling her exactly where I was, what I was doing, who I was meeting, and when I should be expected back. Then I went to the safe, and took out my Glock 27 and an extra mag, and did a chamber check. I drove out to the place where I was supposed to meet the guy. I sat in the car for 30 seconds, and told myself, "If things go sideways, stay cool. If things go really bad, remember front sight, slack out, press, follow-through."

He turned out to be a very nice guy, however, so I didn't have to double tap him. ”

“Read what investors say about the Fisch ”

“9 June 2005
I used to own a Fisch fake coin detector. Works well and I sold it after I had bought the bulk of my coins. Google for Fisch to find their website.

13 October 2006
I test all my coins using a Fisch gold detector device to ensure they're real.

17 April 2007
I use a Fisch gold detector - pretty much foolproof. I've got wallet #2, which contains detectors for my main purchases - Krugerands and Sovereigns. I buy from a trusted coin dealer who's already checked the coins and doesn't mind in the slightest when I check my potential purchases... ”

“19 August 2004
Thanks for such an excellent, informative, and well written review! The only info I can add is that I understand the Fisch gauge mentioned is no longer being produced and is being sold from existing inventory only.

For anyone starting out, I'd suggest getting the Fish gauge(s) first, partly because they're no longer being made and partly because they also incorporate a scale feature (a balance-type scale) that's probably accurate enough for general, everyday use.

19 February 2006
Actually, that reminds me, I've been using a Fisch fake detector for years on krugerrands ever since I saw a big dealer in London using one on sovereigns.
Works on other coins too, depending on what set you buy.

18 March 2006
Never, but NEVER sell short the idea that there ARE fake gold coins out there. In the years I have been buying, trading, collecting, and generally dealing in PMs and numismatics, I have encountered MANY different fakes. While the general notion that gold coins can't be faked and retain their size, shape, and correct specific gravity may be true, the more common ploy is to make a fake using "slightly" less gold than is used in the genuine article. This is where the testers come in very handy, especially so to those of us who go through alot of coins. The Fisch instruments are excellent in this regard, and basically measure the shape, thickness, diameter, and specific gravity of the coin in a very quick and easy process of passing the coin through a slot, and then placing it in a small tray to check the "balance" of the coin to the correct specific gravity of the gold alloy mix for the specific coin. I have used these little instruments since the big rush circa 79-80, and have never seen them fooled by a fake, though they have identified many "off-weight" fakes over the years.18 March 2006
I've used the Fisch for krugs and sovereigns when buying "off the beaten path." Great little them while you can because he's not making any more.

3 April 2006
Really nice (and brilliant) little tools...however...expensive, especially when you can't order them individually. For example, "Wallet #3" has exactly ONE tool that is useful for me (for Saints), and three that are of no use for me.

4 April 2006
I really don't have any fool-proof suggestion for detecting "copies" of collectibles, other than observe due diligence and have a bit of luck. However, I would like to chime-in regarding the cost/price/value of the Fisch detectors. As I see it cost is a relative thing. I took a look at their website and all five wallets were going for $225. Well, lets see .... detect one base metal phony priced at $225 and all the detectors have paid for themselves.

I've used some of the same reasoning in the purchase of tools. Yes, I own a few "expensive" specialty tools and I thought long and hard before I bought them. I also admit to improvising a tool rather than buying a tool, but there is also a cost involved as well. Your time in making that tool is worth something and God forbid you damage something valuable with your makeshift item.

Got to go now - I've got a truck engine to overhaul and the cocktail napkin and bar stool I'm using for a support might give way!!!
Take care all,

5 April 2006
Of late, I use a Fisch, but I have physically measured and weighed in the past. IMHO, the Fisch is convenient without being too complacent. I don't buy frequently, but when I do, I want what I'm paying for.

26 December 2006
I bought a couple sets of Fisch Fake Coin Identification Detectors for gold bullion coins. They had a set for silver coins but they were sold out and he's not making anymore. They work great and I keep them in the car so I have them when I need them. ”

“I started a Fisch thread a while back--I purchased the testers this fall (I got the Eagle and the Maple wallets)--they work perfectly...very handy when you are trolling the flea markets and such.

I showed it to my local dealer and he pulled out a Krug he was stuck with that he knew was counterfeit (I cocked an eyebrow when he did that and he said he keeps it around for "comparison purposes"--besides, he sure as hell can't sell it!)

Anyhow...the detector worked like a charm--the coin couldn't pass all the tests.

25 November 2006:
I've been searching around online for info about how to detect fake gold coins because I want to start shopping locally. I came across mentions of the Fisch detector on several sites, and I hemmed and hawed about ordering it (mainly because I was concerned about the security of the online ordering page). I finally took the plunge and ordered it--by fax, 'cause I don't think the webpage is secure, and they arrived yesterday.

I'm thrilled with them--very easy to use, and I'm pleased to say all my gold passed the test (whew!)

If you are concerned about picking up a counterfeit coin, I really recommend these--I feel much more confident about making purchases now. I only wish they still made the one for silver coins.... ”

“Extract from

Re: Letter on Precious Metals for Barter

I read your post of 10/15 about barter items and the problems with fake gold coins.
You wrote: "The other major problem with using gold coins for survival barter, regardless of their weight, is that they will be immediately suspect as counterfeit by the individual on the other side of the table."

You are quite correct, but an easy and affordable solution is available. Please note that I am not a salesman for this product nor affiliated with the company in any way. I am simply someone who has been working on preparedness for 40 years and have found this product valuable.

There is a fake gold coin detection product made by Fisch Instruments. The detector, detectors really, consist of plastic fulcrums that measure the diameter, thickness, and weight of a coin. Because of gold's unique properties, no coin can pass these three tests and be a counterfeit. (Okay, okay, they could be made out of platinum alloy or palladium, but that doesn't seem too probable). I have had a set of these detectors for about 25 years. I am not a coin collector; I just have them in case I find myself being presented gold coins for payment for food or ammo.
I would not normally make much noise about this except the owner is closing down the business. At some point in the future, these will not be available any longer. For less money than a cheap shotgun, your readers could add to their arsenal of tools for not getting cheated is some future the normal economy has become discombobulated. ”

“Get a Fisch and you don't have to worry.

I like that fisch; genius in it's simplicity. ”

“P.S. Anybody who is going to collect bullion sovereigns needs to get a FISCH Instruments tester kit! There are a lot of sovs out there from the Beirut Mint! ”
“I've read that there are lots of counterfeit sovereigns, mostly from the Middle East. Better have a Fisch detector. ”
“Your guy in Sacramento is doing a great Job! I used to live there and had the pleasure of meeting him. Well best wishes and thanks for writing back! ”
“Hello Ken: The package arrived today: thank you very much for your attention. The mail is slower here during the summer months, and that probably accounted for the delay. Thank you very much again for your attention. I am delighted to have found such a well designed and simple device to check gold coins. Wished I had known it before!

Kind regards ”

“Hi Ken,

Just thought you would like to know that I just finished closing a deal on some Sovereigns. I felt VERY confident as I tested each coin with my snazzy detector (you could almost hear the oohs and aahs). Really, the individual was just a wee bit put out because the middle man, a coin dealer, had checked them out first with his micrometer before I got there and found two fakes, and here I was checking them out again with some mysterious gadget.

Of course I did'nt know this at the time, nor would it have made any
difference, as it was my money being spent. (I was born AT night but not LAST night!). Your product more than paid for itself on my first deal.

Again, thanks for the detectors.

I recently purchase Wallet #2 & #4.

I checked Krugerrands that I had purchased years ago and was relieved to find they all passed the Fisch test (as well as all weighed identical on an electronic scale).

Today, I picked up an order of Maple Leafs and Krugerrands. The employees of the dealer were surprised I was checking the coins and advised they had never seen a Fisch before. I'm so glad I had the Fisch, as one of the Krugerrands definitely did not fit. The color appeared the same as the others. By weight in hand I didn't notice anything significant. The width of the coin started to pass thru the slot, however, about 1/4 of the way thru it couldn't continue passing thru. The diameter was way too big. I immediately rejected the coin and requested a replacement.

The dealer was immediately interested in the Fisch instrument and wrote down the name of it.

I sure wish you had more of the Fisch for the Silver Dollars..... Sure hope you consider making more of them.

They are worth their weight, well in gold and silver ! :-) ”

“Hi Ken,

Thanks for getting back to me. I'm sorry to hear you've moved on - I really enjoy the simplicity the Fisch offers and I can't imagine not checking my PM's. I check every one. However, as a fellow entrepreneur I can understand your business decision if there is no demand or supply is an issue.

I'm curious as to your current recommendations on PM's and advice on checking them if a Fisch isn't available.

If things change or a business opportunity opens up - please let me know. ”

“Hi Ken,

I'll go to Western Union first thing in the morning and send the money ($85+ $35 air mail= $120)for Wallet #2 (Eagles, Sovereigns, etc.). PLEASE SEND ASAP. I will e-mail you again when the money is sent, giving you the Control Number. You can check on it on their web site, but it should be available long before W.C. wakes up in the morning.

Please use extra padding/wrapping as stuff really gets beat up coming this far. Please do NOT put an invoice in the package, or use your company return address! If you do, it will go to customs, they will open it up and play with it, then call us to come pick it up from across the country (we have no car), and charge us an import fee/tax. Just HAND WRITE a personal return address like it's from a friend, which you are.


Again, please do NOT put the invoice, instructions, etc. in the package - you MAY put in a Snickers candy bar if extra padding is needed!!! Please mail them in a separate envelope if you like. Is it possible to ship today? ”

“Hi Ken,

Thanks for sending my order out so soon. I really appreciate it. I'll let you know when it arrives.

All the best, ”

“Hi Ken & Will,

You guys are a riot!!! The Detectors arrived today along with a Snickers for extra padding. Ha! If I would have known you were going to take me THAT serious, I would have asked you to send a cast iron wood stove instead of a Snickers! It REALLY made our day. Oh, and the detectors are nice too.
One do I know that the Snickers is for real and not a fake?
There was no "Snickers Detector" enclosed. Maybe that should be your next project. We took a chance on it being genuine and ate it promptly.

Thanks for getting the detectors shipped right away. ”

“Hi Ken,

I received the package today.

Thank you for the lightning-fast shipping and for inventing such great tools!

Best regards,

PS. BTW, very nice product. I'm very pleased ”
Books, Magazines & Letters
“An easier and more practical way to test the density of a coin is to use a tool called a Fisch, a plastic tool that first checks the physical diameter and thickness and finally serves as a simple tip balance to test the weight... This tool is highly recommended by gold dealers and bankers... ”

“Incidentally, a must for every investor who buys gold bullion coins is the Fisch counterfeit coin detector. ”

“To protect against counterfeits, get a counterfeit coin detector from Fisch Instruments. ”

“ … there is a very clever little item available which will immediately and easily identify any fake or part-gold or tampered coin…. The handy little gadget is manufactured by Fisch Instruments. If you are a steady coin buyer as I have recommended you be (and as I am), it’s not a bad idea to have one of these valuable little "testers" ”

“Bank managers all over South Africa have been alerted to be aware of counterfeit Krugerrands - and equipped with a special device (the Fisch) to check authenticity. ”

“If you are going to invest in bullion coins, I recommend you buy (the Fisch). ”

“The Fisch is a powerful defence for investors. ”

“I would strongly recommend that you own one for each of the types of coin in your investment portfolio. ”
“We’ve tried it and it works. ”

“Keep an eye out for counterfeit gold coins. Fisch Instruments have developed a gold coin identification gauge that lets you check the weight, thickness, diameter and shape of a coin in seconds. ”

“The dramatically increased sophistication of fake coin manufacture on international gold markets has led to the development and world-wide acceptance of the Fisch coin gauge. ”

“Today it is no longer possible to judge the authenticity of a gold coin solely by its appearance. Even dealers who handle large numbers of coins have been known to overlook sophisticated copies. By means of the Fisch coin gauges, authenticity can be established in seconds. ”

“Detecting fake gold bullion coins is quick and easy with Fisch patented precision coin checking gauges. ”

“The gauge manufacturing tolerances are exacting: quality appears to be superb: and the material is durable with normal use and care. ”

“A new way to spot counterfeit gold bullion coins. Gary North’s Remnant Review (August 5, 1983) recommends "the Fisch. ”

“(The Fisch is) coming into widespread use among dealers. One dealer we checked out was actually using 4 sets … simultaneously. ”

“ … an ingenious little gadget… Recommendation: Get whichever set or sets (that) suit your (bullion coin) purchases. They will save you a lot of worry - and potentially a lot of grief. ”

“Can you spot a counterfeit gold bullion coin? If not, you can join countless individuals - even bankers and at least one major coin dealer - in dangerous ignorance. What can you do about it? Plenty, thanks to Fisch Instruments. ”

“(The Fisch) will check a coin in seconds. ”

“With a very low-cost, wallet size of gauges, a banker, dealer or investor can check the authenticity of … gold coins and small bars. ”

“For novice collectors, fake gold coins can be hard to spot. Now a …. easy to use plastic gauge manufactured by Fisch Instruments of Sacramento, California, helps check a gold coin’s authentic by checking weight, diameter and thickness. ”

“The Fisch fake coin detector is quite simple to use. ”
“(The Fisch) spots fake gold coins. ”

“Now … there’s a product to help consumers who worry about buying gold that’s not what it appears to be, or who would like to check out their gold survival coins. Fisch Instruments of Sacramento, California has designed easy-to-use "fake coin identification wallets" that subject coins to exacting test of weight, size and thickness … pocket size wallet sets of peace of mind… ”

“The amateur can become a gold expert with the Fisch … ”

“The Fisch gauge is used by many of the world’s largest bullion dealers. ”

Investors Emails & Letters

“Thanks also for a great product. It has a certain Zen quality of reducing multiple things into one simple design...or as we'd say in science, it is elegant.”

“I just had a chance to use my silver Fisch for the first time and it worked flawlessly.
You have a first rate product!”

“I received the Fisch, and it worked perfectly. As a mechanical engineer, I'm impressed with the elegance and simplicity of the device. Before I found the Fisch, I was thinking the only way to really check my coins was to use a precision scale and calipers, as well, must research all the size, density, weights, etc. With the Fisch it's done! I have passed on your info to my buddy that is also collecting coins.”

“Hi this (name withheld)l thank you very very much for genius invention I use them ever day with my work buying gold coins the one or two times I was too lazy to use them I ate the loss of not testing them with the Fisch I really recommend it to all my friends in the trade and hope you make more coin testing fischs for different coins once again thank you very much (name withheld) from Israel.”

“Great quality. Exceptional idea. We already have one set for our other store and it has already paid for itself.”

“Delightfully elegant device.”

“I received my fisch two weeks ago, and love it. It has already stopped me from buying a fake silver dollar. Thank you for everything.”

“Thank you for creating such a valuable tool for detecting crooks and thieves in the precious metals market.”

“I did receive and have already used it! Didn't have any fakes in my collection so thank you for the peace of mind this tool brings.”

“At last, we can buy with total confidence!”

“I bought the Fisch at Richard Maybury's YouTube recommendation. I realize that I wasn't trained to spot a counterfeit, but the Fisch would. Right after I bought the Fisch for Maple Leafs I went to a local dealer - whom I still trust - and bought some coins for my offspring. The second 1 oz maple leaf would not fit through the slot, so I declined to purchase it. It was the exact right weight (they even weighed it on their jeweler's scale), but didn't fit. I only read the article later that said that there were some counterfeits floating around out there that had slightly less gold than they were supposed to. So it was worth the money to me right off the bat. The dealer said he trusts his supplier & is not familiar with the Fisch when I tried to explain it to him. I think he or his dealer or his dealer's dealer - plus whoever eventually ends up with the coin - were the victims of a counterfeit.”

“Dear Ken,
Thanks for the fast shipping, and a great and elegantly simple product.
Have a great day,
David. ”

“Hi Ken.
i hope you dont mind me getting in touch with you. I just thought you might be interested to hear of my first use of the "Fisch #2" Well, as i entered the coin dealers doorway i was a little shakey to say the least. My heartbeat was in overdrive as this was my first time in purchasing precious metals, and my main worry was that i would come away with a pile of junk.

The coin dealer placed my order of 93 british sovereigns on the table and my mind went blank. Omg "what now" i thought..I asked the dealer if i could check the coins,and he said "ok", so as i looked at them this notion i had at being able to spot any fake coins quickly vanished, along with any confidence i had left.

So i reached in to my bag and pulled out "The Fisch", i know this may sound silly ,but i felt as though a coin expert had just come by my side and .i started to feel some confidence return. The coin dealer on seeing my "Coin Expert" on the table, instantly said that if i found any coins that i didnt like ,he would replace them with some "spare" coins he had.{he showed me six coins in his hand}.

Well,ninety minutes later the Fisch had flagged up eight coins as being oversize in diameter,the coins would not pass through the slot, or fit in to the recess..All of the coins passed the weight test.I also rejected one coin for being oversize and a strange colour. The coin dealer replaced the nine coins with no problem at all.

So here i am,very pleased with my first effort in buying gold coins. The Fisch did all of the work, and made it so much easier for a complete novice like me to feel confident in my purchase..

In closing Ken, i would like to say thank you for a brilliant invention. I also have read on the internet that you are going to retire soon. If this is true i would like to wish you the best of luck for the future and a very happy retirement .
kind regards, ”

“Hi Ken,

First off, I would like to thank you for promptly shipping out my Wallet #2; I received it 3 days after order placement!

Secondly, I would like to thank you for making such a genius product. I tested my 1oz and 1/10oz Krugerrands, and they are both authentic. I also found the wallet itself to be very well-made and classy in appearance.

I will definitely make good use of this Fisch with future acquisitions, and will recommend it to all my friends, family, and co-workers that invest in gold coins/bars.

Even if I never come across a counterfeit, I think the peace of mind alone that the Fisch provides is worth the price!

Thank you again

I am sorry to hear that you are no longer producing the Fisch; there are no competing products that I know of, and I hope you will change your mind in the near future and resume production, so that everyone will be able to once again purchase your 1st-rate product! ”

“Dear Ken,

Thank you so much for the Buyers Guide. I can't stop reading it!

I will indeed tell people who might be interested about your instruments. One enormous part of their appeal is their simplicity: so many effective operations in such a small, light and robust piece of equipment. ”

“Hi...I purchased the full set of gold detectors and love them. In just over a year, I've already they've already saved me from purchasing 2 fake sovereigns and one Mexican 50 peso. ”

“I checked a 100 Corona coin today and it was fake, too large around, too thick, and not heavy enough. Your product saved me a fortune. Thanks again. ”

“My Fisch wallets have already prevented me from purchasing 3 counterfeit Mexican 50 Peso coins … The coins were the exact correct weight but were slightly too thick and slightly too large in diameter. I have also found many British Sovereigns which checked oversize or too light. Many were from supposedly reputable dealers. ”

I checked a 100 Corona coin today and it was fake, too large around, too thick, and not heavy enough. Your product saved me a fortune. Thanks again.

“Dear Mr. Ken,
Please note we received your shipment by mail in good condition. I was most impressed with the many new ideas and insight to protect the unaware consumer with the most excellent tools on the free market.
Thank you for all of your hard work and successful ideas. ”

Thank you very much for the follow up. I received my Fisch Instruments in a very timely manner. They are very easy to use and the peace of mind was worth every cent. Thanks again. ”

“Dear Ken,
Have received my fisch wallet 2. Very easy to use and brings great peace of mind.
Many Thanks ”

I received my order this morning. I used the fisch instrument on certain coins and i was relieved to find out that the coins were genuine. Thanks for everything. ”

“Dear Ken, Thank you for sending the second wallet no. 2 which arrived today.
I shall tell those whom I meet, who are interested in this subject, about your website and the courteous way you conduct your business. ”

“Hi Ken,
Wallets arrived promptly, and well packed too (please thank Will). I'm impressed how compact the actual set is, I had imagined it to be twice as big. The whole thing has a real nice quality feel to it, and the plastic is nice and tough on the actual Fisch unit. The good news is it works, the bad news is.... well you can probably work that one out! Definitely worth the money, wish I'd known about it sooner it would have paid for itself nearly three times over with just one mistake I made.
I have found that Sydney mint Sovereigns (as opposed to London, Perth or Melbourne) quite often are a fraction too large in diameter and get exactly half way through the slot test before getting stuck but they pass the weight and thickness test. Have you had any feedback about these coins from other users, I'm not sure if they are fake or just not as well made as the ones from London! They must be about 22ct if they are fake with them being so close to the original size. The definite fakes don’t tip the scales or even begin to go in the slot. I'd be interested to hear if you had any info on this .I must admit it is a very positive fit with the definite good coins.
One last thing Ken, (if it's not impertinent to ask) why did you call it the fisch? It is kind of a catchy name.
All the Best ”

“I have been using your Fisch for a long time and I think their great. ”
“Hello, I ordered all five wallets and the payment went through on my credit card on December 18, 2006. The shipment was to be sent to Madrid, Spain and I was wondering how long it would take to get here? Could you tell me if it was sent via airmail or on boat as I could estimate more or less from that information. I'm looking forward to receiving the product.
Thanks and Happy New Year

Hello Ken, thank you for the speedy response.
As (good) luck would have it, the package arrived today! Sorry for my impatience. I was just excited. The products are exactly how we thought they would be -- great! ”

“Hi Will,
I received my order, and I am thrilled! The detectors are a breeze to use, am I am pleased to report that all my coins checked out just fine (whew!) I will be much more confident about making purchases in local coin retailers now--the peace of mind these detectors provide is priceless!Please try to talk Ken into putting these detectors back into production--with the new bull market in precious metals still in it's infancy, I'm sure you guys would do a brisk business! If you ever put the silver wallet back into production please let me know--I'll be the first one to buy it!Thanks again--I'm gonna tell all my goldbug friends about your detectors, so hopefully you will see a pop in sales! ”

“Just received my order. Thanks. That was very prompt. You wouldn't by chance have a Wallet #6 for U.S. Silver Dollars laying around there that you would be willing to sell? ”

“Hello Will : just received the order, small fee on customs, but came in with no problem, liked the wallets very much, very simple and easy to use, well presented and very ingenious just read in the brochure about your buyers guide, sorry to have missed with my order, can it be downloaded by internet Pdf or text ?
All the best from Argentina ”
“Thank you for making such a quality, reputable product. ”

“The fact that the Fisch existed prompted me to get into gold investing. ”

“Very ingenious device - takes no time. ”

“I am pleased with their ease and simplicity. ”

“Your company renders an invaluable service protecting gold coin investors. ”

“Grateful for the confidence your gauge provide me. ”

“I find the Fisch easy to use, well thought out and just what the doctor ordered. ”

“If it wasn’t for the Fisch, I would have bought a phony gold coin. ”

“It sure put my mind at ease. I had a few I was suspicious of. The Fisch proved they were 100% good. ”

“The Fisch is very simple to use and effective. It’s already saved me more than the purchase price. ”

“Your gauges saved me $4000….paid for themselves many times over. ”