Using the Ringer - 1/10oz gold coins

May 4, 2015

I had am email from a user concerned about tungsten fakes smaller than 1oz. He asked how he could use the Ringer to ring a smaller coin.  I wrote back:

"Thanks for writing.

I haven't had any reports of tungsten counterfeit 1/10 ounce gold coins.

I recently added feedback on the Fisch family pages of another way of using the Ringer. This user used a magic marker (plastic shaft) to tap the coin when it was held by the Ringer. I wonder if this method could be used with a 1/10 gold coin?

Can you try it and let me know? I don't have a 1/10 coin on hand. "

He replied:

"We tried it & it worked, but not as loudly as the 1 ounce pieces.  It gave a clear ring tone, however.  We did not use a plastic marker, but a small metallic-cased pen on the edge of the coin. 

Thanks for the idea."

I don't advise using a pen with a metal shaft as the metal will have its own resonance (sound). This will compete with the resonance (ring) made by the coin. Use a pen with a plastic shaft. Or a wooden pencil.