Using the Fisch - Avoid very humid conditions

April 13, 2015

Atmospheric conditions, especially humidity, can affect the delicate, and therefore accurate, operation of the Fisch. Here is a Fisch users' feedback:

 I have found that atmospheric conditions can greatly affect the
use of the Fisch. When I use the Fisch in our basement, where it has
been more humid since it was closed up with the windows closed for the winter, the Fisch is inconsistent. One day it performs great and the next not at all, i.e., a known good coin, which had worked, does not tip the Fisch at all. If I nudge it, the Fisch might balance halfway.

I moved up to my Den on the 2nd floor and it worked every time. I was getting very frustrated until I moved to the Den. Don't know what is influencing the balance, but the atmospheric conditions have had a very telling influence for me. In the future, I will make sure to use the
Fisch in less humid conditions.