The Fisch for Silver American Eagles - A user's report

March 11, 2015

This e-mail from a Fisch user is an example of a user interpreting the results of the Fisch checks:

Some feedback on the Fisch.  Thursday evening I was using the Fisch silver kit that I bought validating the authenticity of my coins. Seeing how I bought the vast majority of my silver eagles and Morgan dollars off Ebay, I was somewhat worried on what I might find. 

The Fisch was amazingly easy to use and every coin passed but one.  Whew—now I have peace of mind beyond my little digital scale.  

The one coin (2009 silver eagle—as one of the coins in a tube of eagles) did not pass/failed on the “thickness go test”.  This was a result of one minutely small area of the coin’s edge being high/wide enough to prevent the coin from passing through. 

Stated another way, the entire coin passed through until that point. The weight and appearance all ‘appeared’ normal.  It balanced well and fit perfectly into the coin recess (but slightly high on the blemish). 

So I am wondering if it is a blemish that occurred during the die cutting process?

Or is this a darn good forgery until that point?

Just wondering your thoughts since you have far more experience in this area than I do.

P.S. The Fisch Precious Metal Buyers Guide is an exceptional tool and should be mandatory reading (along with the purchase of the Fisch system) BEFORE any precious metals buyer makes a single purchase.  It is absolute essential reading! 

Thank you.


Steve.   (Name changed)

My reply:

Hi  Steve,

Thanks for the kind words about the Fisch. Here is some background on the making of the Silver Fisch for the 3  1oz coins from the letter I sent to Fisch users when they were ready towards the end of 2012:

"As you may know, it has been a long road. I started working with the toolmaker on the first mold of the 3 new silver Fisch in June 2011. You have to work carefully and accurately.  Only small adjustments to the mold can be made each time as each adjustment is generally irreversible.

We ran samples after each adjustment and then check the weights and measurements. And so it goes on, adjustments, samples, check. It took over a year to get the 3 molds accurate and working correctly.  The 3 molds are in one tool for efficient production and therefore are not sold individually.

Before packing into the Wallets, each Fisch is hand checked to see that it works perfectly. This means a minimum and maximum weight check and a minimum and maximum size check."

I don't think you need to be concerned about the coin you mention. In fact, I am sure you don't. It is just a minor mis-strike.

Thanks for your positive feedback on the Precious Metal Buyers Guide. For years it was waiting for an update that I finally did a few years ago now! (Comment:  need to update it again now.)

Yours sincerely,

Ken Rutherford