The Ringer - A User's Review with descriptions of sounds

January 21, 2015

Here is the review. I am posting it as I think the descriptions of the sounds various coins make when rung by the Ringer is useful to users:

Preliminary test results of "The Ringer" by Fisch Instruments on the below PM bullion coins (all 1 oz coins):

Pd (Palladium) Canadian Maple: very high ring tone, lasts reasonably long

Pt (Platinum) Canadian Maple: dull short-lived ring, at least it's not a thud...

Pt (Platinum) American Eagle: *slightly* higher tone than the Canadian Pt, but dull tone as well (note that these two Pt coins have a different shape, that influences the ring)

Ag (Silver) American Eagle: medium-to-high tone, ring lasted longer than most of the above, fairly "satisfying ring" (note that I was expecting the silver to have a nice ring)

Au (Gold) Australian Kangaroo: medium-to-high tone, slightly longer ring than American Buffalo (see next coin)

Au (Gold) American Buffalo: medium-to-high tone, ring did not last long

Au (Gold) American Eagle: satisfying high tone, the ring lasted longer than ANY other above coin

General comments

1) I do not own a Krugerrand, my *guess* is that it would be very similar to the Au Eagle, but as the Eagle has a little bit of silver (the K-rand does not, just copper as alloy -- hence a slight but noticeable color difference), and the dimensions are *slightly* different, the ring might be a bit (noticeably) different to a trained ear. Fisch has both the Eagle and the K-rand tested at their home page earlier referenced.

2) Fisch's website does note that the .999 fine gold coins have a duller ring than the .9166 (22 kt, Eagles and K-rands) coins do.

3) I have yet to try fractional sizes.

4) Scary tungsten has no ring (from Fisch website). If any of you can get a tungsten "coin" of about the right size and shape of an Eagle/K-rand, I would very much like to test it for myself as I do not own any tungsten.

5) I can highly recommend "The Ringer" ($104, delivered)! Smile...