The Silver Dollar Fisch and worn coins

January 21, 2015

The Silver Dollar Fisch will not balance with a worn coin

The coin end of the Fisch will be “up” due to the coins being underweight. The Fisch will, however, balance at the minimum weight as specified by the US Mint, namely 26.34g. This is the weight we use to check each Fisch for minimum weight accuracy.  Less than that weight and the Fisch will not balance.

Using the Fisch requires discretion, sometimes the results need to be interpreted such as the case with a very worn coin. If the lightness is due to wear, it is not a cause for concern. I have also had one report from a user where the coin passed through the NO GO slot as well! This was obviously a very, very worn coin.

Each Silver Dollar Fisch balances between 26.34g (Minimum weight) and 27.12g. (Maximum weight). 

Each Silver Fisch is checked for minimum and maximum weight accuracy. We do this so that we know each one is working exactly as it should.

Tips on using the Silver Fisch:

First of all, get eye level with the flat, level wood (non static) surface. Then tap down the square end to see if it balances. By balancing, I mean that both ends are off the flat surface. The Fisch may not be parallel to the surface, especially with a coin close to the minimum weight, i.e. a worn coin.  Also rotate through 180 degrees to compensate for a surface that is not level.. Or better still, check the surface with a bubble/spirit level.