MUST READ! Using the Fisch - Use Common Sense MUST READ!

March 21, 2018 - Updated

Using the Fisch for gold requires some judgment on the part of the user. What are you looking for? You are looking for a common metal fake. 

Re-read the Fisch Principle. From the Fisch Principle: “A fake made from lead to exactly the same thickness and diameter as a genuine Krugerrand (or American Eagle) would be 35% lighter than the genuine coin. If made the correct weight and diameter it would be 54% too thick.” 

Then check the coin.

How does it handle the Fisch checks? Bit tight in the recess and through the slot and tilts the Fisch during the weight check? Good. You do not have a common metal counterfeit.

Won't fit in the slot at all? Won't tilt the Fisch? Not even close to fitting in the round recess? Then you have cause for concern.

Passes all the Fish checks? Then use the Ringer to detect tungsten fakes. Re-read the Ringer Principle.

916 fine or 22 carat coins like the American Eagle, Krugerrand, Mexican 50 Peso give a distinctive ring. 999 or 24 carat coins like the Maple Leaf, American Buffalo give a subtle, softer ring. A tungsten fake does not ring at all. Just a dull thud. 

Listen to the sounds of coins and fakes in the Fisch Family Pages.  Compare the coin with the pictures of fakes in the Fisch Family Pages.or with a known genuine coin. Fake coins usually lack sharpness or definition of the images.