New! Fisch for the Silver American Eagle, Maple Leaf & Vienna Philharmonic

15 October 2012

Announcing the addition of 3 new silver Fisch for the American Eagle (1oz.), Maple Leaf (1oz.) and Vienna Philharmonic (1oz). 

 It has been a long road. To make a new mold, you have to work carefully and accurately. You can only make small adjustments to the mold (weight and pivot position) each time as each adjustment is generally irreversible. After each adjustment samples are run and then checked. 

And so it goes on, adjustments, samples, check. It took one year to get the 3 molds accurate so the gages worked correctly. 

 In late August 2012, I ran the first production of the 3 new silver Fisch. Then each Fisch is checked to see that it works perfectly. This means minimum and maximum weight checks and a minimum and maximum size checks. 

The new Fisch will be included with the Silver Dollar Fisch to make Wallet #6: Wallet #6 - Silver U.S. Silver Dollar (1840-1935) (Excluding Trade Dollar) American Eagle (1oz.) Maple Leaf (1oz.) Vienna Philharmonic - Austria/Guernsey 8 Double (1oz.) (4 Detectors) (Vienna Philharmonic & Guernsey 8 Double are the same size.) 

Price: $169 when ordered on its own. Price reduces when ordered with other Wallets. If you already own the Silver Dollar Fisch, you will get a $50 credit when you buy this new Wallet.