Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need the Fisch Fake Coin Identification Gauge?

    The Fisch has been bought by major dealers and mints in 13 countries, including the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint. Most major U.S. dealers and many of the smaller ones have also bought the Fisch. They have bought the Fisch for one reason: To detect fakes. They know their business. They don’t want to buy fakes. Neither do you. Join the investors in over 60 countries around the world who use the Fisch.

  2. How does the Fisch Fake Coin Identification Gauge work?

    The Fisch checks the size and weight of the coin, medallion or bar. A common metal fake will be under weight if it is the correct size. If it is the correct weight, it will be over size. See Why the Fisch Works

    Metals with a density comparable to gold that could be used to make a fake coin correct in both weight and size are the platinum group metals and tungsten. The price of the platinum group metals precludes their use. Tungsten is an extremely hard, yet brittle metal that would be very difficult to work into a passable fake coin. The talk of tungsten fake bullion coins and small 1oz. bars has been around for at least 30 years now. But none have ever surfaced.

  3. Is the Fisch easy to use?

    The Fisch checks a coin in seconds. Just follow the instructions in the holder. There are instructions for using the gold Fisch and the silver Fisch. Make sure you follow the correct instructions - gold & platinum when checking gold; silver instructions when checking sliver. The only other piece of equipment you need is a flat surface like a tabletop. See How The Fisch Works

  4. What coins does the Fisch check?

    The Fisch checks the most of the popular gold coins such as the Krugerrand, American Eagle, Maple Leaf, American Buffalo, Austrian Philharmonic, Australian Nugget & Kangaroo, Mexican 50 Peso, Mexican 20 Peso, British Sovereign, 100 Corona, US $20 Double Eagle & US $10 Eagle as well as medallions and small bars. The Fisch also checks the US Silver Dollar, silver American Eagle, silver Maple leaf, silver Austrian Vienna Philharmonic and Platinum Noble. For the full list, See What Coins does The Fisch Check?

  5. Who uses the Fisch?

    Invented in 1980, the Fisch is used by everyone from the smallest investor to the largest bullion dealers in over 60 countries around the world.

  6. How much does the Fisch cost?

    A wallet to check gold coins, medallions & small bars contains 4 or 5 Fisch Fake Coin Identification Gauges costs $169. There are four different Fisch wallets, numbered #1 through #4, for gold coins. There is also a Fisch for the US Silver Dollar, silver American Eagle, silver Maple Leaf and silver Austrian Vienna Philharmonic. If you buy more than one wallet, the price is discounted. See Here are the Prices

  7. Can I buy one Fisch Fake Coin Identification Gauge?

    Sorry, we do not sell the Fisch individually, neither can we substitute Fisch. This is all to do with the manufacturing process. Here’s a brief explanation: The Fisch are made by the injection molding process and then hand finished. The expensive part of the manufacturing process, aside from the initial cost of the tooling which is huge, is the machine time of the injection-molding machine. Machine time is the time that a very expensive machine is tied up making the Fisch. The longer the machine is used, the higher the cost. To reduce this cost, we make the Fisch together in groups. For example, the 4 Fisch in Maple Leaf Wallet #4 are all made at the same time. The tool or mold consists of 4 fingers, each finger being the tool or mold of each of the Maple Leaf Fisch.  So that when the tool is on the injection-molding machine, all 4 Maple Leaf Fisch are made at the same time. This amortizes the cost of that machine time over the 4 Fisch.

    If we sell, say, the 1oz Maple Leaf Fisch separately, we are left with 3 Maple Leaf Fisch - an incomplete set. 

    Put another way, the cost of one Fisch is virtually the same as the cost of all 4. The cost of material used to make a Fisch is not significant in relation to tool time.

  8. How do I pay for the Fisch?

    You can pay for your order with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit card or PayPal account. All through the secure PayPal or Authorize.Net portals. Or by check or money order in US$'s drawn on a US bank. See Here are the Payment options

    If you trouble ordering online, you can order over the phone. Email your phone number, where you live and a good time to call (so you don't get called in the middle of the night!) to 

  9. How is the Fisch shipped?

    In the US or Canada, your can choose to have your order shipped by USPS Priority Mail, Second Day Air or Next Day Air. Shipping charges are the same, no matter what how many Wallets you buy.
    If you live anywhere else in the world, you can choose Airmail (USPS Priority Mail International) or FedEx/DHL. See Here are the Shipping options

  10. What guarantee do I get?

    If you are not satisfied with the Fisch and Ringer, send it back within 60 days. Your money, excluding shipping costs, will be refunded in full.

    The Fisch and Ringer will not wear out or break. So we give you a Lifetime Warranty against wear or breakage. Normal use, of course.

  11. I have other questions?
    You can email your questions to


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