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Orb Order more Fisch at discounted prices

  • Get 10% off your order for more Wallets.
  • Get a $58 rebate off the price of the Ringer.

Orb Using the Fisch & Ringer - Tips and background information

Learn about using the Fisch & Ringer and how coins are made.
Currently 19 reports and more added regularly. Among them are:

  • Maple Leaf 1oz Gold and The Ringer – User’s report
  • Maple Leaf 1oz Gold & Ringer – User’s video recording of ringing
  • The Fisch for Silver American Eagles – A user’s report
  • The Silver Dollar Fisch and worn coins
  • MUST READ! Using the Fisch – Use Common Sense

Orb About the coins and fakes checked by the Fisch.

Read about Fisch user's experiences with different coins & fakes and how they check out.
Currently 31 reports and more added regularly. Among them are:

  • Fakes out there! Be wary of coins with these dates
  • American Eagle Gold - Fake and genuine coin compared
  • US $10 (1838-1933) & $20 (1850-1933)
  • 2013 Silver American Eagle - Part high rim
  • Maple Leaf Gold - Fake and genuine coin compared
  • American Buffalo Fisch to check the 999 Britannia 2014 on

Orb The Ringer

Listen to the sounds of coins and fakes.
Among the 17 sounds, you will hear:

  • American Eagle 1oz Gold coin, followed by tungsten fake
  • American Eagle 1oz Silver coin followed by common metal fake
  • Maple Leaf 1oz Gold coin followed by tungsten fake
  • British Sovereign Gold Coin
  • US Silver Dollar
  • Krugerrand 1oz Gold coin followed by tungsten fake

Orb Download your free copy of "The Fisch Precious Metal Buyers Guide"

Chapters include "Gold Coin Counterfeiting", "How fakes are made" and "Avoiding Counterfeit Coins".

Orb Download the Fisch & the Ringer Instructions

How to use the Fisch for Gold, the Fisch for Silver and the Ringer - The Instructions included in the 3-ring holder.


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